My new Seat Ateca was installed with the premium noise insulation package in 2017 . Excellent service including the pictures of the work. The noise world was definitely much better and is now at a premium car level
Timo Hilden, Seat Ateca

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Car Audio System DARK POWER

More powerful and louder! Experience the unlimited sound!
You are longing to come out of the concert hall or club, gеt into the car аnd hear the same power and quality! Here is the DARK POWER system for You!

The package includes:
1. Amplifiere Hertz HCP 5D
2. Speakers Focal PS165F for the front doors
3. Speakers PC165 fort to the back doors
4. Subwoofer Excursion SXR-10D4
5. Built in a car wing or prepared accroding to the car model case
6. Full doors Silent Coat insulation
7. Full installation and support 
8. 2-year warranty

Why does this particular system suit You?

You should choose the components which suit You, first of all, due to their sounding. In our showroom all the components of the future audio system can be tested and compared between each other. 

We’ll hide the power in Your car, but fully keep its functionality. Should the panels require alterations to integrate the components, the panels after installation will look exactly as they were made at the plant. 
A subwoofer in the trunk won’t occupy any useful space. Experience the powerful bass, loosing none of the free room in Your car!

Price with installation – 1590€

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