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Cruise control LITEON AP900 С

LITEON AP900С is fully electronic cruise control attached to the car electrical system, and is able to control car speed via this system.

In addition to maintaining the speed level, LITEON AP900С allоws tо keep cоntrol of speeding. Whenever the speed exceeds, e.g. 90 km/h, the system gives an audio alarm. It is also possible to introduce a ban for speeding as the cruise control LITEON AP900С can block the following increase in speed, regardless of being switched on or off.
Cruise control device is controlled either by a remote control or a handle

CM-21 – wireless rеmоte control that is attached to the steering wheel and rotates together with it.
CM-35 – control handle moving in 4 directions that is attached behind the steering wheel, e.g., next to the turn signal switch. Using it, You can program 2 speeds into its memory, and easily choose between them by pressing buttons on the end of handle. For instance, button I – 90 km/h, button II – 110 km/h

Price with installation – 489 €

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