I had premium noise installation done a year ago and I have been very happy with the results. The noise has decreased a lot and the most annoying frequencies coming from studded winter tyres are pretty much gone. Thank you!
Lauri Salminen, Skoda Octavia II Combi

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Dear Sirs, I watched your internet pages autosound.ee and the first I like to say thank you for the great websites with great photos and videos.
Elmeri Tanskanen

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DEFA WarmUp Parking Heaters

The Calix or DEFA WarmUp heating systems are suitable for the drivers who have got an opportunity to connect to power supply near the parking.

Comfort and safety from the very first moments of driving, the reduced fuel consumption and the reduced tear-and-wear of the parts combined with reduction of pollutants discharge – it is  Calix or DEFA WarmUp heating systems,

The DEFA WarmUp system ensures pre-heating of the engine and the car interior with the simultaneous recharge of the аccumulator unit.
The system can be put tоgether in many different ways. The cost may vary significantly as well, depending on what You are up to.
The examples and prices for the most popular DEFA sets are given below:

Light Parking heater system

This set contains an element for heating up the engine and the 2,5 m long mains cable. It’s the perfect solution, if You need the engine to stay warm continiously. The only requirement is availability of a socket with the voltage 220 V within the reach of Your car.

Light Parking heater set costs from 340€


Calix Classic Parking heater system

Calix Comfort heating system with 1200W interior heater

Defa Warmup Comfort set contains:
- interior heater 1200W
- element for heating the engine
- the mains cable 220 V
- installation

Calix Comfort set costs from 450€ with installation


DEFA WarmUp Comfort Plus Parking heater system

The fully аutomatic heating system with a battery charger.
The system is programmable from a timer installed in the car interior and switches on automatically at the pre-set point in time. All You need is to plug the cable, and in the morning, your car, warm and with the charged battery, is ready to start!

 – Defa Comfort Plus set costs 900€


DEFA WarmUp Smart Start Parking heater system

The complete system предвaрительного of a car warm-up and batter charge with the remote start.
Warm-up can be turned on at any moment with a help of multi-functional remote control.
Тhere is аlso a possibility to program the turning Defa WarmUp from the remote at the pre-set point in time. Plug a cable in and take control over the level of comfort in Your car while enjoying a morning cup of coffee.

-Smart Start set costs 960 € with installation including element for heating the engine!


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