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Heikki Laukkanen, Mazda 6 2012

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XL-Set: Subwoofer + Amplifier - 1500W

When bass is always small! Just a super powerful 1500W RMS subwoofer with a good amplifier! Suitable only for true lovers of real power. For this subwoofer, we specially design and manufacture a subwoofer enclosure for your car. Squeeze out of it to the maximum!

Music power: 1500W RMS / 4500W MAX

In set:
1. Subwoofer Excursion SXX series 12" or 15"
2. Amplifier Excursion HXA3K
3. Remote bass knob Excursion HXA RC
4. Specially designed and hand made subwoofer enclosure for your car
5. Professional installation

Price with installation 12", 1500W - 990 €
Price with installation 15", 1500W - 1090 €

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